fuckyeah1990s is a 90s blog
fuckyeah1990s is a 90s blog
Are you obsessed with blockbuster or something?


Yes, it was the only place a boy like me could ever truly be happy and now its gone forever.

Totally F**ked Up (Dir. Gregg Araki, 1993)

please help me I wanna look 90's without going full retard what's acceptable in this day and age I got a World Industries sweatshirt from 98 and some cargo's what else to 90fy my wardrobe. oh and GREAT SHIT I WANNA SEE KILLER PARTY ALREADY LIFE, AS FAR AS TUMBLR GOES YOU WILL BE GOD- 9

whenever i want to look 90s, I just dress like this

(also you shouldn’t use the word “retard”, i know you’re referencing that movie tropic thunder n everything, like you prob wouldn’t have used it if you knew, but yeah, now u know, anyway, thanks man, killer party should be out by the end of the year)